Pathway Navigator appoint new GM Sales

6 April 2016

Pathway Navigator Ltd Appoints a New General Manager for Sales

4 April, 2016

Pathway Navigator are delighted to announce the appointment of Eric van der Sluis as GM Sales.

Eric will oversee the significant sales opportunities globally for Pathway Navigator’s Clinical Pathway tool, Nexxt.

He brings a strong track record in sales growth and has over 20 years of experience in the information technology space with more than a decade focused specifically in the Software solutions market.

He was recently Global Sales Manager at Dbvisit Software during a 4 year period of intense growth and market development into 25 countries.

Eric also brings considerable expertise and experience in the Healthcare niche, having held senior positions at Orion Health over an 8 year period as the Regional Sales Director for APAC.  He was instrumental in developing new markets for Orion in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia.

Nexxt is a dynamic, Clinical Pathway SaaS tool for Clinicians that supports coordinated, Integrated care across providers, regions and countries.

There are currently 450 clinicians using Nexxt, in the northern region.

Nexxt supports clinicians to make the right decision faster, for each patient, through the course of their illness.  The software is personalised to the patient and allows best practice guidelines to be quickly accessed and used at the point of care.

Pathway Navigator’s medical director, Dr Ashwin Patel, believes Nexxt has huge potential in other regions within New Zealand and internationally. “There are many countries around the world, where clinical pathways are presented via a website. We know that this presentation or display has not delivered on the promise of helping optimise patient care across regions.  Nexxt has the best potential to reduce inappropriate variation of care and to support integrated care across a region between primary and secondary care.  Nexxt can be targeted for a specific clinical pathway or can be used in conjunction with a portfolio of pathways between primary care and secondary care.  It also has significant opportunity to be used within the hospital environment”.

Nexxt was a finalist in the “health and science” category in the New Zealand Innovators Awards 2015.

Pathway Navigator is a partnership between health IT developers Healthpoint and Next Generation Software.