A Quick Refresher
Nexxt is a patient-centric Dynamic Clinical Pathway solution that supports best practice to reduce variation of care, improve quality of life for citizens and to reduce pressure on healthcare budgets.
It has a cost effective Software as a Service / web architecture that scales to support clinics, regions or an entire country with a single patient-centric view. Users can see what others have previously done at any time. Patients receive more consistent, best practice care and any variations (which are supported) are explicit and measureable.

What value does Nexxt offer over and above current clinical pathway portfolios?
“Dynamic Pathways lead to an “auditable” evidence based and medico-legally sound workflow. This differs from static pathways where it’s not possible to know if clinicians are making evidence based clinical decisions even if they are reading a static pathway. Clinicians who follow a Dynamic Pathway are practising “Gold Standard” evidence base care.”
Dr Andrew Miller – Bush Rd Medical Centre, Kamo

New Elegant Dynamic Dashboards
At Nexxt we are always seeking to improve our platform and to deliver leading edge clinically driven solutions.
An important output of any solution is the data generated. Visualising that data through an intuitive and elegant dynamic interface, that reveals and unlocks the data insights is really the end game.
We feel we have come pretty close to that goal with the first release of our new Nexxt Dynamic Dashboard Reporting Service. The dynamic dashboards allow clinicians, researchers and administrators the capability to review and expose where the delivery of care is lacking or where it is least effective across a community and to take appropriate action.

Reporting Image

Where can Nexxt help?
Some of the areas where Nexxt can make a difference;
• Reducing the variation of care across your providers from regional best practice. This will result in more effective, more efficient care provided and allow you to measure and benchmark this.
• Supporting future models of delivery of care. Allowing Practice Nurses, Pharmacy and Home care workers to deliver broader care, safely and audited in line with regional best practice, measured and benchmarked.
• Improving the communication and coordination between Community, Pharmacy and GP Practices.

What reporting is offered?
Nexxt now comes with an option for standard online dashboard reports that can be configured for each pathway. It also includes a raw data export tool for exporting data into excel or other formats for external analytics.
It can provide robust data insights reporting across;
• a patient,
• a practice,
• a provider,
• a pathway or
• a regional level.
Data can be analysed by gender, practice, clinician, clinician type, ethnicity, region, deprivation measurements, local health districts or specialty health networks
We are always looking for areas where Nexxt can improve the overall delivery of Healthcare in New Zealand.
Please contact us with your ideas, no matter how large or small. We look forward to hearing from you.