Our Approach

We model dynamic pathways that support how healthcare is actually delivered across a complete care setting and then integrate them directly into existing care providers' current workflows.

Nexxt is a transformational Software as a Service solution. It presents regionally agreed clinical pathways into an easy-to-use, patient-centric dynamic pathway process. They follow the course of clinical workflow from initial presentation, diagnosis, management, acute presentations to completion.

Our Promise

We deliver:

Nexxt will fundamentally change the way that heathcare is delivered in the future.

Data Insights

Dashboard reporting


The pathways are personalised for a patient and there is transparency of how the pathway has been used for a patient.


Nexxt is integrated into primary, secondary care and other related provider systems to improve the management of conditions across the whole system. In this way, Nexxt supports care along a patient’s complete healthcare journey. 

Best Practice

Best practice recommendations are made specific to each patient’s presentation. They are dynamic and real time, so if a recommended pathway is not followed at a decision point, then the next best pathway forward is recommended.


Users can see what other clinicians have previously done at any time and the primary care teams can work as a team in delivering consistent `best-practice’ care.


At Nexxt, innovation is part of our DNA.