Streamlining healthcare delivery across communities

Patient pathways are currently static

Chronic diseases, aging populations and pandemics are placing a heavy burden on the world's health systems. Current clinical pathway programs provide two-dimensional static views of ‘best-practice’ care. This is an important first step, however on their own they do not lead to improvements in variation of care, quality of life or easing the pressure on healthcare budgets. There is a gap, Nexxt closes this gap.

We make them dynamic and personalised

We transform your static pathways into dynamic pathways that support how healthcare is actually delivered. Nexxt then coordinates delivery of the care with the patient firmly at the centre. The pathways follow the course of clinical workflow from initial presentation, diagnosis, management, acute presentations to completion, and are personalised for each patient.

Then share the pathways across multiple providers

Nexxt supports care across a patient’s complete journey. We share information with primary, secondary care and other provider systems to comprehensively manage conditions across a complete system. Users can see what other clinicians have previously done at any time and dispersed care providers can work as a team in delivering consistent best-practice care.

And bring the data to life with dynamic dashboards

Data is critical for optimising any system, including the delivery of healthcare across a country, region or group of service providers. Nexxt includes elegant, dynamic dashboards to provide all the data necessary to measure healthcare effectiveness. This provides insights into where investment can be channeled to make the greatest difference.

“There are many countries around the world, where clinical pathways are simply presented via a website. We know that this presentation or display has not delivered on the promise of helping optimise patient care across regions.”

Dr Ashwin Patel

Dr Ashwin Patel, GP in Auckland, New Zealand